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May 19, 2016

Freddie Freeman Announces He Is Having a Boy

Is Dad a Sports Fan? How about an exploding baseball Gender Reveal Party?
Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves and his wife had their doctor put the gender of their baby in an envelope and had someone create an exploding baseball that revealed Blue for Boy or Pink for Girl. Very creative and a lot of fun for his fans. Shop for Braves Baby Clothing at Baby Fans. (more…)

June 2, 2016

Christian Colon Announces He Is Having A Baby Girl

It’s a Girl?
Christian Colon of the Kansas City Royals and his wife use exploding baseball to announce they are having a baby girl (more…)

September 22, 2016

This Baby Fan is Crazy for Cotton Candy!

Literally the Sweetest Celebration Ever!

Three year old Beatrix Hart is a huge baseball fan. Her favorite team is the Mets, and she is a mascot for her parents’ non-profit softball team in Manhattan. Recently, she attended a Seattle Mariners game while visiting family. After Adam Lind hit a grand slam, Beatrix celebrated by diving into her cotton candy. Lucky for us, her incredible cuteness was caught on camera! It is simply, hilariously, delightful. Watch it here.


September 22, 2016

Amazing Kid Athletes

This video of amazing kid athletes displaying outstanding sportsmanship is absolutely heart-warming. It was taken at the Junior Soccer World Challenge: Japan vs. Barcelona. What happened after the game was truly inspirational and highlights the very best of what sports can be! We love it.